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Sunday, January 13, 2008

The High Priestess

Tonights blog will be on the tarot card: The High Priestess. We will be analyzing the High Priestess card from the following decks: The Connolly, The Gendron Tarot, Radiant Rider Waite, Tarot of a Moon Garden, The Russian Tarot of St Petersburg and The Golden Tarot.

First I would like to change my format this evening by starting out with a description of what the High Priestess Represents. Then I will go into a breakdown of artistic renditions and symbolism. So let's begin:

When looking at the High Priestess card what does one see?
Put simply wisdom and intuition but most times you will usually see an individual who is training to achieve a higher level of awareness. She is interested in the hidden meanings of the world around her. She can enfold many areas of mystery in your life.

What are traditional symbols found on all of the High Priestess cards in the 6 decks we are looking at: Those would be 2 pillars, 1 white and 1 black, a tiara either seen as papal or otherwise and the Moon.

Now what makes the artistic rendition of the card by the various artists unique? In Kat Blacks interpretation with her deck the Golden Tarot the High Priestess is a regal woman who sits on a throne wearing a papal tiara and holds a staff. She has a cheetah sitting at her feet and she cradles a large red book. In Yuri Shakov's version the High Priestess is represented by Saint Olga. Saint Olga was the first Russian to accept the Eastern Orthodox faith. There is a red cloth draped over the throne as well. In the Tarot of a Moon Garden we see the High Priestess as a Mermaid and waves with a Dolphin emerging from the water are in the background. Our next deck is the Radiant Rider Waite. In this deck the rendition of the High Priestess is traditional. Complete with a woman sitting on a throne the traditional pillars of one black, one white on either side. The moon at her feet and the papal tiara on her head. In The Connolly interpretation we see The High Priestess sitting between the 2 pillars. But what makes the rendition unique is the pool of spirituality at her feet and behind her are the golden gates of wisdom. Our final rendition is by Melanie Gendron. The High Priestess is in the shape of a crystal. The pillars have been replaced with pearls. The moon is above her head instead of at her feet. There are also 2 ravens facing each other.

What does The Number 2 represent in regards to the Tarot? The number 2 is associated with the Moon and the sign of Cancer. People born under Cancer are often shy, reticent, gentle, emotional and receptive. They should always guard against being gullible and overly sensitive.

Whenever you see a prominence of twos in a spread it would suggest the need to make a choice. A gentle approach to the situation is more likely to help you succeed. Always think twice about making major life decisions when 2's are predominate in a spread.

As I already stated the astrological counterpart represented by this card is the Moon.

Now lets breakdown the symbols used in the High Priestess Card.
We notice a few of the artists use a red cloth:
Red cloth symbolizes coming changes.
Pillars symbolize negative and positive aspects of life and
Moon represents psychic powers or secrets yet to come forth.
The closed scrolls or open red book represent a desire for understanding.
The Dolphin represents an ancient friend of man. Information coming from a higher source. The water is represents emotions.

Names you will see this card under in other decks are Juno and The Papess.

Keywords for the Upright position of this card would be:
Intuitive Awareness. This card can represent the following meanings: People who are listening to their inner voice. Someone who has secrets that are needing to come out. Someone who has a deeper understanding is coming to help you. Follow your dreams and intuitions. As a
significator this card could be used for: A person trying to get in touch with his or her self. A dream woman. Someone who holds a secret. A wise person or scholar.

In Reverse the Keyword for this card would be Not Heeding your inner voice. It can represent something hidden will influence your decisions. You are not listening to your unconscious mind.

In a reading the High Priestess can represent the following:
In Romance: If you are a man a mysterious woman is entering you life. Or your significant other isn't telling you everything.
In Finances: Probe beneath the surface. Ask questions. Keep your own counsel.

Join me next time for our study of the Empress card. Until then, Bright Blessings.


shavona said...

i am a cancer and the high priestess is my tarot card...i see truth in what you described as far as when it involves a cancer but i dont kno what secrets and or higher awareness i am trying to access...

Alayna Williams said...

Very interesting use of St. Olga as the High Priestess...I may just have to pick up this deck. She's a very pensive Priestess, and I've never seen one in snow, before. Lovely analysis...thank you!

Anonymous said...

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